Cannabis Data Methodology

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Data was collected from Qualified Medical Providers (QMPs) via electronic survey. The initial survey was sent by the Utah Department of Health on December 3, 2021; see the original survey questions here. Each provider was asked how much they charge on average and a maximum charge for initial and renewal medical cannabis evaluation visits and, if available, the average and maximum amount charged after insurance is applied. These costs are grouped separately on the report. Note that the amounts reported here are estimates and cover a wide variety of fee structures (i.e. CPT code based and cash-based charges). Please consult individual providers for more information.

Costs, names, and contact information were self-reported by individual QMPs and will be intermittently verified by Center for Medical Cannabis compliance staff and/or updated at provider request. Clinics that advertise medical cannabis evaluation services are required to report their costs in this tool according to SB 170 passed in 2021. Clinics that do not advertise their medical cannabis evaluation services may be excluded from this reporting tool by request.

QMPs or the practices where they work may contact the UDOH at to update information appearing on the website. The UDOH will incorporate these changes monthly by the 15th of every month. The UDOH will do a new survey annually every December.